LIFE CHANGING. Michelle Edwards


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Michelle Edwards and her dog

Michelle Edwards’ lifelong dream was to compete at Crufts. As a child, Michelle and her Mum would travel from their home in Dorset up to Earls Court to enjoy the show and it left a lasting memory.

Michelle said, “I remember we’d catch the bus at 4am and I’d literally feel sick with excitement.” The buzz, the sound, even the smell was unforgettable and Michelle dreamed of one day competing with a dog of her own.

Following her £1.9MMillion in August 2008 she was able to own and breed St Bernards. And then about 18 months ago, Maggie was born. Michelle said, “I could immediately see Maggie was really special. She had even markings and a gorgeous laid-back temperament.”

Maggie took her Crufts experience in her stride, but Michelle was a nervous wreck. Michelle tells us when the judge pointed at her, indicating second prize, she “literally went into shock.”

Michelle said, “That has given us the freedom to turn our dreams into reality.” As well as breeding and competing with her dogs she has also trained and worked with assistance dogs.

Since November 19th 1994 there have been 5,500 new millionaires created and over £40 billion has been given to good causes across the UK.

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